Personalized Portfolio

Exclusively for high net worth individuals, Family Offices and asset managers.

About the Major Capital Personalized Portfolio

At Major Capital, we understand that high net worth individuals, family businesses and asset managers have unique investment needs. That is why we have developed the Major Capital Personalized Portfolio, an exclusive and tailor-made investment program for assets from €1,000,000.-

Our investment experts combine advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, data analytics and in-depth fundamental research to create smart and efficient investment strategies tailored to your specific goals and risk tolerance.

The Major Capital Personalized Portfolio is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of family businesses and asset managers.

We understand that you have specific investment criteria and objectives, such as avoiding investments in certain countries, reducing your ESG footprint, excluding short strategies or minimizing foreign currency exposure. Our tailor-made investment portfolio offers the perfect solution to meet these requirements.

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What entails an investment in the Customization Portfolio?

Here are some reasons why our Personalized Portfolio is the ideal choice for family businesses and asset managers with specific investment guidelines:

Tailor-made: Our investment experts work closely with you to develop a tailor-made investment strategy that meets your specific criteria and objectives.

ESG-integration: If desired, we can support your ESG goals by aligning investments with environmental, social and governance factors in our investment analysis and decision making to reduce your ESG footprint and meet sustainability goals.

Country and sector selection: We may exclude or limit investments in specific countries or sectors based on your investment guidelines and risk tolerance.

Currency management: Our team of experts can actively manage currency risks and avoid or minimize foreign currency investments if desired.

No short strategies: If you want to avoid the use of short strategies, we will ensure that your portfolio is built exclusively from long positions and other investment instruments that fit within your guidelines.

Transparance and controle: With the Major Capital Personalized Portfolio you have full transparency and control over your investments, so you can verify that your portfolio complies with your internal investment policy.

Continuous monitoring and adjustment: Our team of experts continuously monitors market developments, fund performance and changes in investment guidelines to adjust and optimize your portfolio as necessary.

Risk determination

At Major Capital, the risk-reward ratio is an important aspect in the management of the various portfolios. By carefully looking for the right balance between risk and return, we strive to offer our investors an optimal result. We always take into account the investment objectives and needs of our clients, so that they can make an informed choice and their investments are in line with their personal financial goals.

Questions about the Personalized Portfolio?

Do you have any questions or comments about investing in the Personalized Portfolio? Or would you like to discuss which way of investing, including an additional risk profile, suits you best? Our founders would love to meet you and help you further!

During a personal meeting with the founders of Major Capital, we will work with you on a tailor-made investment strategy. We take into account your current situation, desired future situation, inflation, investment goals and risk appetite. We use our algorithmic artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, together with data analysis and in-depth research, to realize sophisticated and effective investment strategies and optimal diversification.

Moreover, we also take care of the follow-up process. We closely monitor the investments, market developments and performance of the funds in which you invest. If we identify a potentially increased risk, we take timely action to minimize these risks and redistribute your portfolio in the most optimal way.