Hybrid Fund

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About the Hybrid Fund

Do you want to spread your risk and invest sustainably? Then our Hybrid Fund may be right for you, as it spreads your investment between Real Estate, Stocks, Currency Trading and Cryptocurrencies. So you have the complete palette of investment opportunities all in one fund. The Hybrid Fund has a minimum investment of €100,000. This makes the fund ideal for institutions, high net worth individuals or family offices.

At Major Capital, we make sure your money is invested properly. We do this not by feel, but by using automated techniques.
Investing in Major Capital’s Hybrid Fund brings many advantages:

  • Everything is taken care of for you down to the last detail;
  • Risks are spread;
  • On the basis of a data-driven strategy;
  • Sustainable way of investing.

With an investment in the Major Capital Hybrid Fund, you invest in the complete palette of yielding asset classes combined in one fund: investing in real estate, equities, FX trading and cryptocurrencies within one portfolio.

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What does an investment in the Hybrid Fund entail?

With a hybrid fund investment, your assets are correctly and extensively diversified over a variety of financial instruments rather than being totally exposed to a single investing strategy.

Spread your risks

Diversifying your portfolio between real estate, stocks and crypto spreads the risk of investing. For example, real estate has historically been a stable way of investing, while crypto entails more risk (but can yield a faster return). By investing in various forms, negative fluctuations can be absorbed.

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Major Capital is built on a combination of financial literacy and cutting-edge technology, reflecting the backgrounds of both founders. Together with a team of 15+ algorithm, data and fintech specialists, they strive to making the investment funds as powerful as possible.

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