Crypto Fund

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About the Crypto Fund

Perhaps you recognize yourself in the following story: You don’t have the time or knowledge to decide which way or cryptocurrency to invest in, but you are looking for the maximum achievable return from your assets with a matching risk rating. Recognizable? Then the Major Capital Crypto Fund is for you.

Major Capital provides, among other things:

  • Complete unburdening; we arrange everything for you
  • Broad spread of your assets
  • An interesting ratio between risk and return
  • Your portfolio is managed 24/7 through smart algorithms

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What entails an investment in the Crypto Fund?

Through a strategic mix of the above options, your assets are invested in applications whose value increases the more they are used.

Risk-reward ratio

Data-driven historical research shows that maximum returns are best achieved with a diverse portfolio. This makes you less dependent on a specific investment, and therefore the risk of the investment is lower.

At Major Capital, we remove your uncertainties in this fast-moving market. Our team of technical analysts select investments based on data-driven models where we ensure that the potential gains are a multiple of the potential risks.

With our Crypto Fund, you face higher risk, however, it can deliver faster returns. Are you looking for a medium-risk fund? Check out our Hybrid Fund.

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Major Capital is built on a combination of financial literacy and cutting-edge technology, reflecting the backgrounds of both founders. Together with a team of 15+ algorithm, data and fintech specialists, they strive to making the investment funds as powerful as possible.

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