Algorithmic investing

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Major Capital

At Major Capital, we make algorithmic investing transparent and simple for our clients. In two carefully balanced funds, based on proprietary investment techniques, strategies and smart algorithms that manage your portfolio 24/7.

No choice is made ‘lightly’: through a combination of years of experience, fundamental research, technology and data, we examine various scenarios and prediction models. In this way, we try to achieve an optimal return together with you.



Real Estate


Technical analysis

Algorithmic trading

Major Capital bases its strategy not on emotion, but on automated techniques

Core values:

  • We work to continuously improve our automated and data-driven strategies through innovative technologies
  • We react quickly and efficiently to market developments, allowing us to mitigate our participants’ risks in a timely manner
  • We make our decisions based on expertise, fundamental research and data
  • We do business in a personal way, not losing sight of the human aspect despite our love of data
  • We are aware of developments within and outside the sector and choose to collaborate when appropriate

Our smart algorithms intervene at the right time. Getting in when the price value is low and trading within the increasing difference between values leads to historically high returns.

Curious to know how it works?

Our funds

At Major Capital, we want you to be able to choose an investment that suits you best, with a matching risk profile. Do you opt for a strategic mix of crypto or would you rather go for a combination of financial products?

You will find a comprehensive overview of all our models and funds in our brochure.

Hybrid investing

Hybrid Fund

Stocks, real estate, crypto

Investing in the complete palette of yielding asset classes combined in one fund. Traditional real estate and equity investments for a stable base of the fund, the remaining assets to be deployed algorithmically for even higher returns. Are you looking for a strategic spread of investments with a medium risk profile? Then our Hybrid Fund is the better choice for you.

Crypto investing

Crypto Fund

Maximizing return

Are you looking for the maximum achievable return on your assets with a matching risk profile? Then our crypto fund may be the right choice. Through a strategic mix of crypto, your assets are invested in technological applications whose value increases as the application is used. With success: maximum returns.

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Algorithmic investing

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Why invest with Major Capital

Major Capital offers you:
• A broad spread in your assets and opportunities for return through investments in real estate, equities and/or crypto
• More than 12 years of experience in asset management, more than 15 professionals
• Non-stop monitoring of the market and thorough research
• Your portfolio managed 24/7 by smart algorithms
• An official rate for your financial statement

Our participants often find investing in our funds attractive because of:
• Complete peace of mind; active in all asset classes through a single investment
• Less stressful and above all less time-consuming than being active in all asset classes yourself at the same time
• A very interesting risk/return ratio due to the spread of investments

“It’s about creating a scalable, reliable way of investing in a decentralized world, looking from a different angle at how to achieve and secure financial returns and how to maximize them in a sustainable way.”

Rob Adrichem
Founder Major Capital

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Major Capital is built on a combination of financial literacy and cutting-edge technology, reflecting the backgrounds of both founders. Together with a team of 15+ algorithm, data and fintech specialists, they strive to making the investment funds as powerful as possible.

Are you interested in investing with Major Capital? We are ready to discuss the possibilities with you and answer any questions.

The faces behind Major Capital

Rob Adrichem
Chief Financial Officer

I.a. Corporate Director ABN AMRO Bank NV (6 years), Director STM Global Banking Markets Royal Bank of Scotland (2 years), Founder/Managing Director Ebury Benelux & DACH (4 years). Over 30 years of experience in International Financial Markets in trading, sales and professional brokerage.

Wesley Zantinge
Chief Technology Officer

Head of technology development for a team of 30+ software developers, based on 12 years of specialization in Fintech algorithms, Big Data, Machine Learning & AI Development.