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Algorithmic investment portfolio

At Major Capital, we specialize in algorithmically searching, finding and valuing the right investment funds that perfectly match the most ideal risk/return preferences and objectives. We understand that making an investment choice is not a decision taken lightly, which is why we specialize (registered with the AFM) in constantly developing a diversified and best-in-class performing portfolio, rebalancing a strategic mix monthly from excellent performing funds of shares, currencies, real estate, bonds, loans and/or other assets with a particularly interesting risk/reward ratio.

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An optimal return with minimal risk is the goal of every entrepreneur and investor. This becomes especially attractive when:

  • the risk is limited by diversification of the portfolio;
  • investments are made in proven assets with a solid foundation;
  • investments are based on a balanced allocation of various trading strategies, that rely on historical data rather than emotions.

Realizing such an optimal scenario requires more than a full-time commitment and is almost impossible for several asset classes at the same time. Our team of experienced investment analysts use their extensive expertise to conduct in-depth fundamental research and select the best funds. We leverage advanced algorithmic AI and Machine Learning technologies and historical data to analyze different scenarios and prediction models. As a result, we strive to achieve an optimal return together with you and to grow your assets in the long term.

Under the supervision of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), founders Rob Adrichem, former director at ABN AMRO, and Wesley Zantinge, Fintech algorithmic engineer specialized in Big Data, Machine Learning and AI, have set up and registered two funds with the AFM:

Major Capital – Hybrid Fund

(AFM registration number 50027443):
Aiming at stable returns with low risk, by investing in traditional investment instruments such as equities, currencies, real estate, bonds and loans.

Major Capital – Crypto Fund

(AFM registration number 50027151):
Aimed at the highest possible return with a higher risk-rating by investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Why invest with Major Capital?

Transparancy & reliability

At Major Capital we strive for full transparency, through insight into the underlying investments and open communication with our participants. We share all relevant information about our investment strategies and performance. Through our Major Capital Portal you are continuously informed about all the ins & outs of your investments. In addition, we are a reliable partner with a proven track record and 15+ years of experience in the financial & investment sector.

Customer-oriented approach

At Major Capital, we understand that every client is unique. That is why we offer a personal and customer-oriented approach, in which we map out your personal situation and goals. We listen to your wishes and offer solutions that match your risk appetite and investment goals.

Smart and efficient investment strategies

Our investment specialists use advanced technology, algorithmic AI & Machine Learning technologies, data analysis and fundamental research to develop smart and efficient investment strategies. Some of our strategy pillars are:


Spreading investments across different sub-funds investing in different types of assets, sectors and regions to reduce risk and maximize return potential.

Risk-adjusted returns

Evaluating investments based on their risk-return profile so that we can align our portfolios with risk tolerance and financial goals.


Adjusting the portfolio on a monthly basis to ensure that investments remain in line with the target asset allocation and risk tolerance of our funds.

Behavioural finance

Understanding and classifying the risks of behavioral patterns and psychological pitfalls of the intended Fund of Fund investments in order to make better investment decisions.

Systematic strategies

Using quantitative models and algorithms to identify market inefficiencies and define our fund selections.

Macroeconomic strategies

Monitoring economic indicators, policies and geopolitical developments to anticipate market movements and ensure long-term investment opportunities.

Risk management

Implementing advanced risk monitoring, measurement and management techniques to optimize portfolio returns.

Our smart algorithms intervene at the right time. Getting in when the price is low and trading within the increasing difference between values leads to historically high returns.

Curious to know how this works?

What you should expect

Major Capital offers you:

  • A broad spread in your assets and opportunities for return through investments in real estate, equities and/or crypto;
  • More than 12 years of experience in asset management, more than 15 professionals;
  • Non-stop monitoring of the market and thorough research;
  • Your portfolio managed 24/7 by smart algorithms;
  • An official rate for your financial statement.

Our participants often find investing in our funds attractive because of:

  • Their complete peace of mind – while being active in all asset classes through a single investment;
  • Less stress and, above all, less lost time compared to being active in all asset classes individually at the same time;
  • A very interesting risk-reward ratio due to the spread of investments.

Real estate investments

Through investing in real estate, based on fundamental analysis and with a fixed return, Major Capital creates a stable floor for the Hybrid fund.

Stock & Currency investments

Major Capital invests most of its remaining assets in historically proven, strong strategies in the traditional stock and currency markets.

Cryptocurrency investments

The entire investing amount can be invested in cryptocurrencies, through algorithms these are traded with the matching risk profile.

A tailor-made investment

Diversify your investment portfolio by investing in a wide variety of investment opportunities.

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Algorithmic investing

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“It’s about creating a scalable, reliable way of investing in a decentralized world, looking from a different angle at how to achieve and secure financial returns and how to maximize them in a sustainable way.”

Rob Adrichem
Co-founder Major Capital

The faces behind Major Capital

Rob Adrichem
Chief Financial Officer

I.a. Corporate Director ABN AMRO Bank NV (6 years), Director STM Global Banking Markets Royal Bank of Scotland (2 years), Founder/Managing Director Ebury Benelux & DACH (4 years). Over 30 years of experience in International Financial Markets in trading, sales and professional brokerage.

Wesley Zantinge
Chief Technology Officer

Head of technology development for a team of 30+ software developers, based on 12 years of specialization in Fintech algorithms, Big Data, Machine Learning & AI Development.

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Major Capital is built on a combination of financial literacy and cutting-edge technology, reflecting the backgrounds of both founders. Together with a team of 15+ algorithm, data and fintech specialists, they strive to making the investment funds as powerful as possible.

Are you interested in investing with Major Capital? We are ready to discuss the possibilities with you and answer any questions.