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Press release: New financial product appeals in times of financial turbulence

Major Capital, under registration with the AFM, is launching the Hybrid Fund: investing the complete pallet in one fund. A strategic mix of shares, currencies, real estate and/or crypto’s.

The highest achievable return combined with the lowest possible risk: every entrepreneur and every investor strives for this. For most, this is even more interesting when it is 1) executed in combination with limited exposure through portfolio diversification and spread 2) investing in proven assets with business application and 3) using fully automated trading strategies based on historical data rather than emotion.

Unfortunately, such a scenario requires more than a “full-time job” and it is virtually impossible to successfully execute such a course of action across all kinds of asset classes simultaneously. Think mainly of partial holdings in real estate, stocks, currencies, indices, IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and algorithmic trading. The Major Capital Hybrid Fund, however, thinks it has found the holy grail after a long period of research and testing.

With the help of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, founders Rob Adrichem, former ABN AMRO director, and Wesley Zantinge, Fintech algorithmic engineer (Big Data, Machine Learning & AI), have established the first-ever hybrid fund with the AFM. This fund, the Major Capital Hybrid Fund (AFM registration number 50027443), is thus unique: no fund existed before in which it was possible for participants to invest in real estate, equities, currencies, indices, crypto and Blockchain technology through a single investment.

When participating in the fund, participants first invest in real estate sub-objects for a stable foundation. The returns paid on them each month are then invested through algorithmic selection in stocks and automated strategies based on currency differences.

Next, the return earned on it is invested in crypto and Blockchain investments with multiple entries and exits per day. Your investment starts in the most stable asset class and only your returns are invested in assets with a higher risk profile in order to achieve higher returns. Through the above combination, the Major Capital fund achieves a risk rating of 4/10.

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Presentatie Rob Adrichem Major Capital event met publiek

Rob Adrichem: “Sharing technological innovations and automated strategies, as wonderful as it all sounds, especially raises the question of how it was accomplished.” Rob Adrichem says he was skeptical when he first met Wesley Zantinge, but the conversations upon their acquaintance nevertheless piqued his curiosity. “We met two years ago in the Fintech world. Soon we were talking about a shared passion: achieving and managing returns. With his Digital Marketing Agency, he has been managing more than 500 million euros per year for many years and every year the returns continue to grow, on a very stable basis.”

From his background – six years as a director at ABN AMRO and two years at RBS – he naturally found this mega interesting. “But I was also skeptical. How did he do this anyway? The banking world was already using automated strategies 15 years ago, but mostly had to conclude that it was not stable enough.”

During their first introductory meeting two years ago, it turned out that Wesley had already applied his technique to stocks and crypto investments as well. “At first I thought ‘good luck with that’ and had little ‘feeling’ about the stability. However, we kept in touch and I saw up close his private wealth keep growing, driven by these techniques. I couldn’t ignore it anymore and was curious about his intentions and motivations. Why start sharing a technique that is already so successful?

Adrichem found out that Wesley Zantinge has only one motivation: technological innovation. From his digital marketing agency GMU, he has more than 75 FTE with only one focus: improving and automating one percent every day. I asked him, “What is your goal Wesley?” He answered, “I would like to share my techniques with the world through a fund, so that we can make this a cozy club and we can create more than a hundred job opportunities in the future. And so we can pioneer developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

Wesley stated, “To share together is to multiply. With a fund, we can do our part together through technological advances to create a better world.” Rob: “This triggered me to say the least. Since that first conversation, we immediately dove into the deep end together and now have a team of 15+ professionals who automate and manage our funds.”

How does participating at Major Capital work?

Investments are chosen, bought, swapped and sold 24/7 using algorithms, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence (developed by AI engineer Wesley Zantinge). The spread and exposure of fund assets is under strict rules and regulations based on 12+ years of interbank trading experience by Rob Adrichem, who has overseen the safest possible spread of billions in investments in his career. Through these frameworks, automated techniques are protected on an ongoing basis. They are never allowed to operate outside these deemed safe frameworks.

The hybrid fund is a Third Party Funds Management Foundation where unit holders can get in by buying units from a minimum of €100,000. The fund has a quarterly reporting obligation to the AFM and De Nederlandsche Bank. As a participant, you will receive participations in the fund after your investment, similar to shares in the company. These participations have a monthly rate, allowing you to put these investments on your balance sheet from your holding company, or to follow the value of your investments privately through the Major Capital App. Participants can get in and out monthly, all prices are net-net and are taxed privately in box 3.

The risk profile is classified in the Information Memorandum with a risk score of 4 (similar to real estate funds). For participants looking for the highest possible return with also a corresponding heavier risk profile, there is also the Major Capital Crypto Fund where 100% of the investments are algorithmically invested in pioneering crypto technology.

Do you perhaps wish to participate as well?

You can speak with fund manager Rob Adrichem by making an appointment via the contact form.

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