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Simple and reliable

Major Capital

Technical research & development on FinTech algorithms

We approach achieving & securing returns with a different perspective. We create a scalable, reliable and secure way, which allows us to maximize financial returns in a sustainable way. We perform ongoing historical Big Data analytics, look at automated different possible scenarios in the form of (forecasting) models.

How it works

Through software development (API connections, own user interface / Business Intelligence platform) we establish connections to all possible data sources. We migrate these datasources through our own many to many data system to a normalized data standard, so we can migrate all angles from all possible sources to 1 truth.

By using elastic algorithms, the best buy/sell scenario is automatically chosen based on the historical data. The chosen strategy is then tested through real time analyses on the result achieved, with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically hyper optimizing the algorithm and associated technologies.

The Founders

Major Capital 

Rob Adrichem

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Director ABNAMRO Bank NV (6y), Director STM Global Banking Markets Royal Bank of Scotland (2y), Founder/Managing Director Ebury Benelux & DACH (4y).


Wesley Zantinge

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Owner company with 30+ software developers specialized in algorithms, Machine Learning & AI Development.


Let’s talk about your FinTech opportunities

FinTech companies

We are happy to discuss the further development of your FinTech algorithms with you. Please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wealth management

Would you like to use our FinTech algorithm for the management of your own assets? We will gladly connect you to one of our AFM-registered partners.

Join us at  #MajorCapital

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Major Capital

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